Seeking happiness

What does it mean to be happy? “I just want to be happy,” so many people say. Many lost the line how to reach to the point to be happy. 

In the past few years, science of happiness appears closer in the field of psychology. Studies fund a way to show that level of happiness increase when people take just some simple steps. 

• Gratitude

• Set your situations in a positive light

• Kindness 

Happiness emerges when people choose to be happy, but you have to ensure it. Happiness is uncovering the joy that is already within us instead seeking to find it “out there.” 

The problem is most of us are looking for happiness in all the wrong places, just chasing after short-living pleasure instead to discover real important things. 

There is a big difference between happiness and happiness. One is short-lasting (lurking just for material things and short pleasure) and the other is long-lasting (feeling inside real pleasure. love and joy). 

Contrary of most things what you can buy, happiness is something what you can’t find in a shop. The experience to be happy is for many people buried in an invisible place. There is no handbook to achieve happiness we all so desperately looking for. You can only make a choice.

I remember, years ago I asked my spiritual teacher what helps people experience a richer life? He answered first “Satisfaction”. It is the most valuable thing to learn how to be satisfied with whatever you have in life.

And second “Desire”. It will make your life obviously richer but it always only “Want.” You can’t be your own driver anymore. Desires will drive and run your life. You are only running behind. You are just a slave of your desires.  

But if we know how to create satisfaction to feel happiness, then we will know how to manage life. No matter you’re rich or poor. Compassion is always the basis of love and the key to find inner joy. We transcend our ordinary state of mind and feel happiness deep in our self. 

Just the desire to have or own something can never deliver this kind of happiness what we are looking for. Just be appreciated with that what we have now will create an inner satisfying feeling. 

True happiness can be never lost. It is always deep inside us and remains as a touchstone within us. Just be aware of this precious stone and it will be accessible at any time. Just a look back of a joyful part of old time, it will give a feeling of inner happiness. Now you will realize the truth it just consists of contentment at this time.

Mentalhealpower can bring you to glimpse at the inner wellspring from which happiness flows.


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Anxiety and panic attacks

Do you suffer from panic attacks and anxiety? If so you are not alone, more than 10% of the population will suffer at some point in their life.

We feel anxiety is in most cases due to a period of stress and worry that builds up over time. If we don’t listen to our mind and, of course it will warn you many times before, your mind will run beyond its capabilities.

Every mind needs a rest, if not you will add just more stress to your tired mind and body. Symptoms persist or become worse. Now it starts to be a full anxiety cycle.

Mentalhealpower can be your tool to understand underlying causes. It is important to understand first. The main reason people continue to suffer is because they don’t understand the true reason and why they feel like they do. 

Anxiety is not genetically inherit or a disease we contract. Anxiety is something what your mind produce. Medication can help to diminish symptoms, but once you stop medication your symptoms will return again. Unfortunately, medication does nothing to address the real cause. 

While there are many ways to reduce symptoms of anxiety, there is only one way to resolve. You must successfully address the main reason. You need to start to control your life and learn how to recover. 


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Change isn’t easy but possible

Most people are not aware how stressful their life is. All time busy. Even though free time is available they filled up with things to keep life busy. Many years maybe you won’t feel much. Especially when they are young. Body signs like suddenly sadness, reasonless crying or huffiness you will ignore. You can’t sleep and suffer maybe from nightmares. Many start to take sleeping pills to get at least some rest. Others take drug stimulants to overcome all challenges that will arise on the next day. 

In many cases life must break down before people realize something is wrong in their life and must be changed. It is impossible to cheat subconscious mind. 

In every quite moment unsolved facts and inconvenient questions will show up. This isn’t only a problem for overstressed, or people who suffering from burn-out or depressions. It is also a way to become a Workaholic and you are trapped in your own small world. 

After, they wonder if relationship breaks. Their children drifting away or just life turns into dark. But honestly, ask your self what else you did personally to keep your life in balance? 

Many people asking me, is it possible to bring me back to life? My answer is all time same. There is always a possible way. But, did you suffer enough and are you now willing to change? There is no way if you don’t. Mentalhealpower can only help, if you give up things in past to experience happiness in future.  

It’s like with a flat tire. Of course you can drive. But how and for how long? Once you have to change or you can’t move forward any more. You will get stuck on that place where you are.

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The perfect imperfect World

Many people looking for a perfect life. But why is it so hard to find? Especially perfectionists have a big problem. Everything what they do must be perfect. But if you take a look outside there is nothing perfect.

If you establish perfectionism in every aspect in your life, it must fail. You will make yourself unhappy. You won’t accept mistakes made by you or others. If you think in this way all time you will even start to refuse the world.

Of course you can expect to be a professional or excellent and in some cases you can be a perfectionist. But never expect this from others around you. It is impossible; nothing is perfect. Even in nature you will find always imperfectness.

I understand totally the usage of statements such as, “there’s always something what you can improve.” The ambition to change something is the main foundation of development. But if you take everything serious in life it can turn out as a disaster. For example; if you think your parents made many things wrong. You will start to see your parents as bad. You will rarely find good things what they have done for you.

If you always think in this way, life will turn in a vicious circle. You will start to blame others for their imperfectness. Soon, all your complaints no one can stand any more. One day you will be alone.

Striving only for perfection will set you under pressure and it’s a journey, where no destination exists. There is no need to be perfect all time. If you can accept imperfectness, just lean back and enjoy the moments of life. Take it as a wonderful miracle. If you truly believe that everything should be perfect, please take a little bit time and watch the following video.

And yes, Mentalhealpower can show you a way out. Perfectness leads just to a boring world. There would be maybe nothing much to discover. Maybe not even a smile or laughter.

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Release with Mentalhealpower techniques

When it comes to manage negative stress, burn-out, depression and other mental diseases, Tibetan meditation techniques may be especially effective. Western psychology is based on diagnosing the underlying cause of a problem. Usually you will get medical or behavioural intervention to remove it. 

Meditation is the practice of turning your attention to a single point. Meditation means also turning your attention away from distracting thoughts and focusing what happen on the present moment. 

Most people think meditating is just sitting and doing nothing. Is it really as simple as it looks like? Try it and focus only your tip of your nose for just 2 minutes. You will realise after seconds your mind is wandering away. Meditate means to keep our attention on one single point over hours. This discipline must be learned. And you need somebody who can teach and train you to go this way.  

It isn’t unusual that people telling you to “stay strong”, or you need to have “a fighting spirit.” Why to fight more and what for? You may have so many fights inside yourself. Why to start another war instead to make peace to find freedom?  

I met many people who are crying only inside. They feared to show tears because someone is telling them; “don’t act like a wimp”. This isn’t a way to solve inner problems. You only start to fight more. And the day will come where all power is gone. Because all your energy you use only to fight with you. There is no power. You feel just tired, frustrated and exhausted. Even you get some little energy; you need it just for your inner fights. 

Most psychological problems appear if inner conflicts are not solved. It’s creating imbalance and blockages and produce typical signs of mental and body diseases. Why we should not use effective calm-down techniques to bring the mind back into balance?   

Mentalhealpower can bring you in a calm state. Slowly we can take a path where real problems lie. Like a virtual room where we can produce situations where conflicts start. In this present state it is possible to create peace with everything what is bothering you.  

Your subconscious is your caretaker of your mind. It cannot judge but distinguish between solved and unsolved. Unsolved problems will always appear again. If you can manage to make truly peace with something, it will be marked as solved and it won’t show up again.  

Beside psychological problems it can also release chronically body pain and other diseases if the reason a mind-causing problem. Pain will ease or disappear after you managed to make your freedom. 

Everything is just a reflection of your mind. Why many people think it is impossible to change something? Inside world will always show up outside and establish in reality. If we know these facts then exist there always a way for change. 

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Living in a violent relationship

Almost everyone is looking for a lovely and peaceful relationship with their partner. Some relationships are abusive and members asking about what they can do to control their partner anger. 

Many times I heard he or she is good but it would be nice if they could control anger. Sometimes they refer to a bad childhood or violent parent. The intention to help is good but won’t help and enables the angry person to stay as they are. Most people not even know there is a difference in brain-work between men and women.  In general, men are more lacking in relationship skills.

Anger, love and hate are the most complicated emotions, because it includes many aspects. If people would know that more than thirty sub skills only of anger exist, maybe they would think different about this.

Actually children learned and adopted everything what parents created in them. Children take over all patterns of submission and exploding anger in your own relationships. That’s how it works. 

Aggression is learned behaviour and this kind of violence can passed down through the generations if you cannot find a way to stop this. And for sure, it will infect your family and relationships. One member passed on to the others. Each person is affected by the anger in their social system and acts it out in their own unique way.

In general all anger is not terrible. Sometimes we need it according to a legitimate response to an injustice or to get the power to rescue our life. We need this kind of energy that anger brings to get us to act and do something in a different way when we are in dangerous circumstances. But in most of cases, anger is just a bad routine to deal with the feelings of frustration because things are not going as they want.

Before you make a choice of your partner you should find out how a he or she expresses anger. Your life will be drastically changed by living with a habitually angry or hatred person. After time of love is over, and a daily routine is in your life, you are in trouble. First everyone is showing their best behaviour, after the true person will come out.

Do not be stupid enough to think it is easy to change another person’s patterns. These behavioural patterns have their reasons and lie deep in subconscious mind. Nothing will change unless angry person make strong commitments to themselves to become a better being. 

Angry people have the ability to block emotions such as sadness, guilt and they have a big fear to find their vulnerability. But, bad emotions must be drain off. Even screaming will never wash out the anger impulses. Maybe a temporary relief but makes it worse overall. Using swear-words and yelling is not solving any problem. 

It will just create a trail in the brain making it easier for the adopted pattern to happen again. Strong emotions like anger and hate may temporarily disappear, but the rage remains inside. Until next possibility you give a chance. Triggers can be simple, like an unimportant disappointment, threat, or just a bit of stress. Some angry people like to be seen as good. They change their manners when others are present and show a nice face but they are cruel at home. 

If you are living with an angry person, do yourself a favour and analyse what kind of future is left. Be aware that challenging angry people face to face. It will create just a difficult and sometimes dangerous atmosphere. Think twice and ask yourself, “Is this relationship what I have now that what I would like to live forever?”   

Always to think to cut a line looks difficult. Many people prefer to stay in their suffering living with violence, because the unknown future is black. But you are the only one who can fill your future with light. To start a new life, I don’t say it is easy. But there exist a possible way. Mentalhealpower can be your exit to another fulfilled future. 


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Ursachen des Unglücks durch Gedanken

Weltweit leiden mehr als 350 Millionen an psychischen Erkrankungen. Allein die Depression wird die zweithäufigste Krankheit bis 2020, laut WHO.

Medikamente zur Behandlung mentaler Störungen haben ihre Berechtigung. Jedoch nur die Einnahme von Medikamenten bedeutet nicht, dass die Ursache für das Leiden behoben wird.

Niemand wird Kopfschmerzen damit begründen, dass ein Mangel an Aspirin vorliegt. Normalerweise sind Medikamente nicht die Ursachen mentaler Störungen. In der Regel haben psychische Erkrankungen einen Grund.

Stress definieren viele zum Antrieb im Leben. Erst zu spät merken sie, welche negativen Auswirkungen Stress auf das ganze Leben hat. Stress ist die Ursache für viele körperliche und geistige Erkrankungen.

Stress und Ärger erschaffen negative Emotionen, die sich im Leben manifestieren. Im Job werden Erfolg und Geld nicht nur zur Sucht, sondern zum Muss. Glück wird durch materielle Dinge definiert. Und führt zum Wettbewerb mit Freunden, Nachbarn und Kollegen. Liebe, Kinder und Freizeit bleiben auf der Strecke.

Der Wettbewerb mit Allem und Jeden breitet sich auf das ganze Leben aus. Diesen Druck werden nur sehr wenige durchhalten. Familiäre, psychologische oder körperliche Störungen sind vorprogrammiert.

Viele Menschen machen sich unglücklich, nur durch die Art des Denkens. Ich habe viele Leute getroffen, die lieber eine nette Geschichte über ihr unglückliches Leben kreieren, als ein gewöhnlich- und glückliches Leben zu führen.

Es gibt Personen, welche die Schuld für ihr unglückliches Leben nur bei anderen suchen. Unsere Welt ist voll von Individuen, die bitter, wütend, eifersüchtig oder einfach nur paranoid sind.

Wenn man sein Leben damit begründet, wie sehr man selbst gelitten hat und andere Menschen nicht, wird es kaum eine Änderung geben. Wir sollten verstehen, wohin diese Denkensweisen führen. Das ist ein Weg nach unten und affektiert alle Beziehungen.

Wer sich so gegen das Leben stellt, schneidet sich von der Umwelt ab. Hass und Ablehnung kreieren ein Gefängnis voller Probleme im eigenen Geist. Selbst ein finanziell abgesichertes Leben, kann viele Dinge nur bis zu einem bestimmten Grad komprimieren. Dort liegen die Probleme zumeist auf anderen Ebenen. Auch hier sind mentale Konflikte die Ursache für ein unglückliches Leben.

Innere Zufriedenheit und eine positive Ausrichtung aufs Leben, kann man nicht erkaufen. Man kann es nur erlernen. Alte Muster lösen und neue Erfahrungen führen zur Umstrukturierung des Geistes und somit zu einer positiven Ausrichtung zum Leben.

Was immer wir glauben oder glauben zu wissen, sind nur abgelegte Erfahrungen, die wir erlernt haben. Es sind eingebrannte Muster, die unser Leben steuern. Wir können niemals im Voraus sagen, was die Zukunft bringt. Alles, was wir glauben zu wissen sind Interpretationen dessen, was eventuell geschehen kann.

In der Regel geraten wir in Schwierigkeiten, wenn wir nicht verstehen, dass die Welt anders sein kann, als sie unsere eigene und innere Welt widerspiegelt. Diesen Zustand kann man ändern. Eingefahrene Muster können wir ersetzen. Oft kreiert der Geist Zustände, die nicht der Realität entsprechen. Das passiert sehr oft, wenn Lebensumstände eintreten, die von unserer Mitte abdriften. Oft bleibt nur Wut, Trauer, Angst und Hass. Jedes Leben hat höhen und tiefen. Wenn wir lernen diese Umstände zu akzeptieren, können wir die Lebensausrichtung zum Positiven gestallten.

Mönche wissen schon lange, das Positiv und Negativ zusammen gehören. Ohne diese Gegenpole, würden wir gar nicht existieren. Selbst große Naturkatastrophen haben ihre Berechtigung auf dieser Erde.

Viele denken, was der Geist kreiert ist die absolute Wahrheit. Sie begründen ihr unglückliches Leben als eine Strafe für Dinge, die man in der Vergangenheit begangen hat. Das ist die übliche Interpretation derjenigen, die in einer innerlichen gerechten Welt leben. Das Akzeptieren von Veränderungen erfordert Mut. Dinge geschehen, jedoch können wir die Art und Weise, wie wir damit umgehen ändern.

Akzeptieren bedeutet auch Hoffnung und Freiheit und lebt in Koexistenz mit der Unsicherheit. Nichts, absolut gar nichts steht für Ewigkeit. Alles ist im Wandel, jeden Tag.

Akzeptieren heißt auch, im Jetzt zu leben, anstatt in der Vergangenheit zu verweilen oder angstvoll in die Zukunft zu blicken. Vergangen ist vergangen, die Zukunft kann man ändern.

Selbst Glücksgefühle existieren nur im Hier und Jetzt. Alle Art von Emotionen kann man nur im Jetzt wahrnehmen. Selbst wenn sie an die Vergangenheit denken, produzieren sie die Gefühle im Jetzt. Oder an zukünftige Ereignisse denken, ist es immer im Jetzt.

Die Art, wie Sie denken können wir ändern. Wer sein Frieden mit der Vergangenheit macht, kann positiv in die Zukunft schauen.

Mentalhealpower bietet Techniken an, um alte Barrieren zu brechen und so Freiräume für Neues zu schaffen. Es ist ein Weg die Zukunft positiv zu gestallten.

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